You expect me to be physically active and healthy, prepare every meal for optimum nutrition, work full time for appropriate benefits and have enough money to save, have a creative outlet, manage my emotions so I am pleasant to be around, spend time with my family and take care of them, and also find time to socialize. Right…

One month to go until I quit my full time job to be a stay at home mom. I sometimes worry that I’ll feel this push to find a new job or continue to bring in money in some way. But I do feel that in my heart and in my soul I need to slow down and learn to love my life and allow my husband to financially support us until I am at peace. I am not at peace yet. I am still working. I am still in transition. Still in the the cocoon. I think I want to stick to basics and reconnect with poetry. I’ve noticed when I start to feel lost or overwhelmed when making a big decision, or an “identity decision” I need to keep it simple and trust what I know. Trust what I love. Don’t question my heart.

I was 14 years old when my endocrinologist gave me the news that I had Turner Syndrome and would need an egg donor to have a baby in the future. This information was fairly neutral until I was 28 and got married. …

I have learned many things during my time in my current role.

  1. If a circumstance no longer serves me (especially if it continuously turns me into an emotional wreck), I need to curtsy and bid adieu. This will require detailed planning which will be well worth it.
  2. In a professional setting, emotions do not matter. You are better off silently rolling with the punches until you can make your exit.
  3. Don’t bother sharing your opinions about other people, your words will be repeated and twisted and no good can come of it.
  4. Coworkers and employers are not your family.
  5. I am super lucky to have the family and friends that I do.

This is a list of the things I am leaving behind in 2020, and happy to do so.

  1. Frustrated anxiety
  2. Prolonged numbing out
  3. Boring food choices
  4. Office attire
  5. Impatience

This is a list of things I am welcoming in 2021, and happy to do so.

  1. Thoughts with a smile
  2. An alert and curious mind
  3. An exciting and healthy diet
  4. A style in my home and wardrobe that excites me
  5. Calm patience

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Feminist — always fighting for my rights and the rights of all women and minorities. Trust me, I don’t do nearly as much as I should. But I suppose I can use the best tool at my disposal, which is writing.

Heather Boyd

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